About Us

Research Features was born from a passion to break down barriers that exist in the dissemination life cycle from researcher to the mass audience.

All of the content we manage and publish is done so in accordance with Creative Commons CC-BY guidelines.

We are not a news media company. We are not a scholarly publisher. We sit somewhere in the middle and feel very comfortable in our unique space. We will never engage in ‘click-bait’ or ‘tabloid’ pop-science; we do not offer complex peer-reviewed content. Our publication offers detailed insight in clear language and a visual format which translates the complex, whilst remaining respectful.

We remove two of the biggest barriers people face when accessing information regarding research;

  • The PayWall Barrier – We will never ask for any financial contribution to access content
  • The Language Barrier – We simplify complex topics so that any educated individual can enjoy the research we publish

We employ various methods to ensure that content featured within Research Features can be enjoyed by a broad audience:

  • Free-to-access digital magazine – Download, share, hyperlinked contacts and multi-platform accessibility
  • Researcher web pages – All content taken from each magazine article is also used to create bespoke researcher web pages with access to downloadable PDF articles and researcher contact details
  • Twitter and Facebook – Reaching out to the lay public so tax payers can enjoy and understand the research they fund
  • Hardcopy – We are an environmentally conscious publisher. However, we do print a number of hard copies of each issue
  • Social Media campaigns – Our SM gurus engage in high-level targeted campaign management to achieve broad visibility and impact for your research, where it counts

We serve a truly diverse and global audience. From leading government figures, through to young students pursuing careers in science.

Contact Details

Email: audience@researchfeatures.com
Phone: +44 1453  821 745
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