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At Research Publishing International we seek new and exciting projects across a range of Scientific Fields. Whether you are an individual researcher, a representative of a research team, or an International consortium, we would love to hear from you. We want to build long-term partnerships and collaborate with scientists wishing to spread the essence of their work to a diverse global audience.

Our team of Scientific Journalists and Social Media Gurus’ will bring a fresh approach to the dissemination of your work. Talking in a language that breaks down barriers between often complex and technical scientific explanation, and delivering a beautiful feature article to a huge global audience of readers of both Research Features magazine and our Social Media platforms.

We understand better than anyone that researchers are usually fully immersed in their work. Most simply do not have the time or the platform to describe their research in a format that can be read and digested by a wider audience. Away from the world of dense, technical journals, we will work with you to create high-quality, high-impact feature articles that capture your studies and deliver them in a beautifully written and laid out package.


We have a very simple business model. Unlike most Journals that hide research behind expensive pay-walls, and place your work out of reach of the average reader, we passionately believe that research should be available to everyone. Science should benefit society, not enrich the few, so we don’t charge readers for access to our work. All that matters is that we will deliver your work to a large international and diverse audience.

Our veteran team of academic writers and multimedia experts, who are fully up to date with the rapidly changing online world, will help you create wonderful, informative content. Your vital research will reach every part of the world and help you engage with audiences via our barrier-free ethos.

We are not dispassionate marketers or a content mill: we are skilled professionals with experience in your field and a strong interest in promoting science. We want to make sure that research is not hidden behind the pay walls used by many peer-reviewed journals.

To collaborate please contact us.

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