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International collaboration is at the heart of so much great research. A combination of different research backgrounds and cultural approaches brings unique perspectives which drive research forward.

We are delighted to be able to feature researchers from both Europe and China in this issue, reflecting the links between these two areas. As you would expect, these researchers work across diverse areas from air pollution control to electric vehicle performance and their efforts cover topics such as astronomy, health, technology, economics and education.

Start reading and discover just some of the fascinating research that is being produced every day, all around the world.

Select Issue #132

China is an increasingly prominent player in the global research arena. In this issue, we are pleased to include a section dedicated to Chinese researchers. Their work spans many fields and is as varied and interesting as you would expect. To complement these articles, we have also included interviews from two leaders within Chinese research.

In addition to the focus on research in China, this issue includes our usual diverse array of work from researchers around the world. I am sure you will enjoy this issue of Research Features magazine. So dive on in and discover the fascinating work we have covered!

Select Issue #131

Science has always been defined by its disciplines – by its areas of focus, study, training, specialities, and subject matters. The importance and value of bringing together multiple disciplines, or of working at the intersections of disciplines, is that each brings to the table a unique and distinct set of tools and approaches. In this issue of Research Features, we provide you with a fusion of disciplines as these articles range from Issue 130 provides you with a wealth of cutting-edge topics for you to delve into. We look forward to featuring many more challenging topics in the months ahead.

Select Issue #130

RF magazine 126

Research speaks to our natural curiosity as human beings. The urge to find out more about the world around us appears from a very young age as we take in our surroundings.

And what can you do to get involved yourself? Well, you can start by reading on. This issue features scientists from around the world conducting research in varied areas but with a particular emphasis on environment and health.

Select Issue #129

RF magazine 126

Science is an integral part of all our lives, with links to many other subjects, including maths, computing, humanities and engineering. In this issue, we provide you with thought-provoking coverage on the latest research topics from a diverse range of disciplines for you to delve into.

Issue 128 explores an extraordinary array of exciting topics from around the globe but don’t take our word for it, read the latest from RF here – maybe accompanied by a beer too?

Select Issue #128

RF magazine 126

Research in health and medicine affects all of us. Whether researchers are working on a new vaccine, learning more about an enzyme in our bodies or developing new care protocols, the impact can be felt around the world.

Good health holds a value far beyond any currency and is something to which everyone, anywhere in the world, can relate. We hope that our audience around the world will enjoy learning more about the work of the researchers we feature in this issue.

Select Issue #127

Conducting research is valuable for developing and promoting the body of knowledge and information that drives innovation, and allows us to live healthier and longer lives. Our latest issue benefits from different perspectives, approaches and disciplines from a multitude of leading researchers. With topics ranging from neuroscience to social anthropology, to mechanobiology and orthopaedics, issue 126 provides a wide variety of exciting research areas for you to really sink your teeth in to. Select Issue #126

Engaging with a broad range of research brings enormous benefits. In this issue, we feature researchers working across a variety of disciplines. They are, however, united by their passion for rigorous scientific research and their enthusiasm for their subject.

We’re excited to feature such diverse researchers and we’re sure that you’ll find their work interesting. Why not put that to the test yourself and read on?

Select Issue #125

We are delighted to be coinciding the publication of our first ‘Women in Science’ issue with International Women’s Day 2018. With this issue we aim to celebrate the fantastic work being conducted by women around the world, highlight the importance of a diverse workforce and examine the challenges currently facing female researchers.

The glass ceiling is at its thickest in STEM fields. The women we feature in this issue work in diverse areas of research and we hope that their stories will inspire the next generation of researchers. We also want to acknowledge that the field of research has not yet hit the level of equality we would all like to see. To do this, and discuss possible solutions, we canvassed the opinions of our featured researchers on two key questions: Why do you think that women are still underrepresented in the world of scientific research? What needs to be done to tackle this?

Join us in celebrating women’s contributions to the world of science by dipping into our latest issue.

Select Issue #124

Only by bringing together expertise from different disciplines can we solve today’s global challenges. These complex issue not only affect today’s world and but they look to shape our future as well. Here at Research Features, we offer a diverse collection of topics for you to delve into in our latest issue. From Astronomy and Astrophysics to Social Anthropology and Translational Imaging, there really is something for everyone!

We were delighted to have such a global mix of researchers featured in this issue. So why not sit down, relax and prepare to be informed and inspired. We promise you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

Select Issue #123

This issue we pay homage to the scientists behind our ever-increasing quality of life as we feature the latest in health research. Whether it's the technology that allows us to peer deep into the body or medicines that extend the lives of those with chronic diseases, it's easy to see how advances in health and medicine have touched the lives of nearly every person on the planet.

We learn more about the fascinating research that’s uncovering insights into our understanding of disease that may one day lead to treatment or prevention. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we did!

Select Issue #122

In this issue of Research Features magazine, we are excited to explore the world of Geoscience. And what a world it is! The researchers featured here are busy investigating some of the most extreme corners of our globe, from the ice-covered poles to deep sea vents.

With articles ranging from the effects of climate change, investigating extreme weather and even to the search for extra-terrestrial life, you'll be as fascinated as we were by these researchers' work. We are committed to sharing the details of this research and once you've read more about it, we think you will be too. Dip in and get started.

Select Issue #121

Biology is one of the most versatile sciences, from atoms to cells, genes to proteins, populations to ecosystems, the list goes on!

The researchers in this issue of Research Features magazine all strive to demonstrate how biology significantly impacts our lives – improving our health and well-being through new ways to fight disease, helping to secure food production, developing new bio-fuels and other important products, and enhancing our understanding of the natural world. This passion and commitment is further echoed by frontrunning organisations in this field.

The scientists we feature in this issue are passionate about their research and we are just as passionate about sharing the valuable work they do. So, why not sit down and relax while you delve into our latest collection of fascinating articles. We have a lot to tell you.

Select Issue #120

Multidisciplinary research is key in today’s world, and here at Research Features magazine the stage is set for you to enjoy a diverse collection of topics. From historical geography to hydrology, conflict research to climate change, we’re proud to host a wide range of fascinating research in this issue. The common theme is that the researchers featured are all pushing the boundaries of their fields.

It’s a real pleasure to showcase research from such a diverse range of topics. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we did. Enjoy!

Select Issue #119

Health science is a wonderfully diverse area of research. No matter their field of expertise, the researchers featured in this issue are united by their passion to improve the quality of life of people around the world. The same is true of leading experts specialising in health science.

With topics ranging from cancer to neuroscience, diabetes to reproductive health and immunology to genetics, there's plenty to interest you in this issue of Research Features magazine: it was a pleasure to work on and we’re sure you'll enjoy reading it.

Select Issue #118

This issue we look to the fields of engineering, physics, maths, chemistry and materials for insight. From the mysteries of the universe to the intricacies of magnetism, the researchers featured are probing the depths of our knowledge.

This issue we're really getting into the nitty gritty of the world around us, and beyond. Whether you're interested in astrophysics, cybersecurity or green energy, the researchers we speak to in this issue are rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in. Why don't you do the same and read on to find out more?

Select Issue #117

Geoscientists are curious about the Earth – and so are we! In this issue of Research Features magazine, we uncover the latest geoscience research which looks to answer some of the following questions: How is the Earth and global climate changing? What effects will shrinking glaciers have on the oceans and climate? What makes a volcano erupt? ... And many more!

Geoscience research is essential in the modern world and nobody understands this better than the researchers featured inside. They explain their work in greater detail and share their successes, challenges and hopes for the future of our planet.

Unearth their latest findings in our very first Geoscience issue.

Select Issue #116

Health science affects us all. Here at Research Features magazine we are dedicated to making it accessible to all. From cardiovascular disease to cancer research, neurological disorders to male infertility, this issue we bring you the latest research from the front line. We're excited to present the work of Professor Andrew Emili at the new, state-of-the-art Center for Network Systems Biology, Boston University.

Read on to hear from prominent thought leaders, including Radio 4’s The Life Scientific presenter Professor Jim Al-Khalili, OBE; Marilyn Gentry, President of the World Cancer Research Fund International; Trudie Lobban, MBE, Founder and CEO of Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS-UK); Professor Glenda Gray, Chair of the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases and Mardas Daneshian, CEO and co-founder of Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT)-Europe. Their work is helping to shape global scientific collaboration and increasing awareness around the world.

Join our readers across the globe to discover the exciting health science research featured in this issue. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we did!
Select Issue #115

Research Features magazine 114
Prepare to be informed and inspired by this issue's articles. We uncover the latest cancer research, from basic science to uncovering new treatments. We also discover more about the intriguing sickle-cell disease, the growing global burden of non-communicable diseases, development of new tools to tackle mental health and much, much more.

Cancer is a disease that affects us all. We talk to dedicated researchers who explain their often unexpected findings and share their successes, challenges and hopes for their work.

Grab a cup of coffee and delve into the fascinating world of health sciences!

Select Issue #114

Research Features magazine 113
It is easy to be fascinated by biology. So much of it is so visible in our everyday lives that it is, perhaps, the science that most people can relate to. It is certainly true that the scientists featured in this issue of Research Features magazine all show a phenomenal level of enthusiasm and dedication to their subject. And rightly so.

This commitment is echoed by some of the leading lights in this area of research. Like them, the researchers we feature in this issue span the whole gamut of biological sciences with their work relating to ecology, health, physics, agriculture, molecular biology... the list runs on. So, read on to delve into the absorbing world of their work and discover its secrets for yourself.

Select Issue #113

Research Features magazine 110
This issue of Research Features magazine features the fascinating work of researchers in the area of Health Science, running from Neuroscience to Child Health via Genetics, Obesity, Molecular Bioscience and Technology. We were delighted to speak to these researchers more closely about their work – we're sure you'll find it fascinating.

We were delighted to have a global mix of researchers featured this issue. The continued effort to improve health around the world is one we can all get behind. And it is our pleasure to be celebrating it this issue.

Select Issue #112

Research Features magazine 110
No one who takes the time to look around can fail to be amazed by our planet. It supports a bewildering array of different life forms thriving in diverse habitats. And a closer look at any of the insects, plants, mammals or other inhabitants of Earth only magnifies the wonder.

There is much to see, and much more to be learnt, from Biological Sciences. The researchers we feature in this issue of Research Features magazine are well aware of how much is still to discover. There’s the potential of basic biological science to uncover a possible therapy for a hitherto untreatable disease, or the knowledge to help us combat climate change.

Some researchers’ work is helping to improve our health, others are focused on our food supply; but all of them are inspired by the world around us to protect our planet and improve the lives of its inhabitants.

Select Issue #111

Research Features magazine 110
The wonderful complexity of the human body is reflected in the sheer breadth of Health Science research; and this variety is very much evident in this issue of Research Features magazine.

The scientists we feature this issue are striving to increase our basic understanding of key functions, progress our awareness of how these can be disrupted, enhance our knowledge of the pathogens that can affect us, and develop treatments for when our health deteriorates.

Whether in the arena of Child Development, Microbiology, Mental Health or many others, the work of these researchers contributes to a greater scheme of knowledge that benefits us all. We are proud to be featuring their work and are excited to share it with you. Join our readership around the world and dive into the latest collection of fascinating articles.

Select Issue #110

REsearch Features magazine 109
France, Germany and Switzerland have long been powerhouses of European research. In this issue of Research Features magazine, it has been our pleasure to meet some of the scientists conducting cutting-edge research in these countries.

Whether they are working in the field of chemistry, computing or cardiovascular medicine, these researchers are dedicated to sharing their valuable work.

The fantastic work that these scientists undertake, the broad range of expertise that they represent and the wide-ranging implications of their work illustrate the diversity and vibrancy of research in France, Germany and Switzerland.

Select Issue #109

The impact of science is evident in our everyday lives. The technology we use, the clothes we wear, the way we communicate are all products of painstaking research. But its influence is even wider than this: by investigating the birth of our universe or the nanostructure of atoms, scientists continue to shed light on the undiscovered corners of our world.

The researchers in the issue of Research Features magazine are spread across the varied areas of maths, physics, chemistry, and materials. Whether it involves a new technique for harnessing solar power or the ability to watch molecular changes as they happen, their work highlights the importance of continued discovery.

Read on to get to grips with their fascinating work.

Select Issue #108

Research Features Magazine 107
Translating new research and ideas into practical, applicable and commercially successful ventures is key to the concept of innovation.

Innovation is something that the researchers and companies featured in this issue of Research Features magazine all have in common –they have identified a problem and provided a solution: a computer programme to help combat illiteracy; a novel technique to identify dental erosion; a new method for the disposal of nuclear waste; viable alternatives to fossil fuels; a press to allow researchers to create better tablets; or a model to predict coating systems for industrial components.

Join our global readership and discover more about the work these companies are doing.

Select Issue #107

Whether it's investigating vital chemical processes, improving cardiology or shining a light on dentistry, ageing, cancer or autoimmune diseases, the work done by the researchers in this month's issue of Research Features magazine is, by its nature, relevant to us all.

This issue, we also speak to some of health science's leading figures: Dr Jack Lewin, recent President and CEO of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation; James Appleby, Executive Director and CEO of The Gerontological Society of America; Dr Arthur Roach, Director of Research and Development at Parkinson’s UK; and Dr Iain Foulkes of Cancer Research UK.

With research budgets being tightened across much of the world, it is important to recognise that the work carried out every day by researchers globally is contributing to such promising progress across so many areas.

Select Issue #106

Research Features Magazine cover 105
The value of basic research, the critical need for rigorous data analysis, the importance of translating from bench to bedside – the researchers featured in this issue of Research Features magazine acknowledge the wider impact and context of their research. We also heard from several thought leaders who are at the forefront of funding and directing research in diverse areas of health sciences.

The scientists in this issue are passionate about their research and we are just as passionate about sharing the valuable work they do. Neuroscience, child health, spinal cord injury, epidemiology... join our readers across the globe to discover the exciting health science research taking place every day around the world.

Select Issue #105

REsearch Features Magazine 104
Curious, committed and conscientious. The researchers we spoke to for this issue of Research Features magazine have diverse backgrounds but they are all joined by their commitment to improving the lives of others. Whether that is by developing new technologies, exploring the power of nutrition, or developing novel statistical methods, either at the bench or in the business sphere, these researchers are working hard to answer fundamental questions about our health.

Take a look inside for interviews with some fantastic leaders in their fields: Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID; Dr Jo Inchley, Assistant Director of CAHRU; Professor Robert Winston, leading fertility expert at Genesis Research Trust; and Professor Jim Hughes and Steve Taylor, senior researchers at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.

From molecular biology to adolescent health, via the immune system and the inner ear - this issue has been a journey around the human body. Join our global readership to find out more about the exciting research happening in health science and the scientists behind the work.

Select Issue #104

From basic to applied science; neuroscience to minority health to cancer; individuals to some of the world’s largest and most influential research bodies – this issue of Research Features magazine reflects the fascinating diversity of Health Science.

We were delighted to hear first-hand from Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization, the details of their R&D Blueprint – the research action plan to ensure the global community is as well-prepared as possible for the next epidemic. We also had the pleasure of speaking to noted neuroscientist, Dr Nicolas Bazan, about his research, his career and life beyond the laboratory. We heard from Dr David Reynolds, Chief Scientific Officer at Alzheimer’s Research UK, one of the world’s largest dementia-focused research organisations. And Dr Valeria Caso, President of the European Stroke Organisation, explained how its members are helping improve patient outcomes for stroke. Cary Adams, CEO of the Union for International Cancer Control, spoke to us about the importance of a combined global effort to combat cancer and how we all have a role to play.

Select Issue #103

This issue is packed full of articles bringing the work of inspiring researchers to your attention. The world of Health Science is diverse and fascinating and the research in this issue reflects that.

We have heard from Professor Robert Winston at Genesis Research Trust and Professor Neena Modi, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, both leaders in the world of Child Health. We also have features on four scientists whose work is helping to ensure that our knowledge of this area continues to expand.

Elsewhere in the magazine, our view of Health Science remains as broad as ever, with articles featuring the work of researchers in Women’s Health, Novel Drug Development, Molecular Biology, Epidemiology and Neurology.
Select Issue #102

Pharmacology, microbiology, nutrition, neurology, biochemistry, immunology... The complexity and breadth of the field of health science is reflected in the range of researchers we have spoken to for this issue of Research Features magazine.

Whether their work is helping to develop new drugs, contributing to technological advances, unravelling the mysteries of neurodegeneration, or harnessing the power of nutrition, the researchers in this issue all have one thing in common: they are actively contributing to invaluable advances in the arena of health.

We also spoke to some of the thought leaders and champions at the forefront of scientific development. Their work is helping to shape global scientific collaboration and increasing awareness around the world.

Select Issue #101

The researchers heading this issue of Research Features have made some truly exciting breakthroughs.

We delve into the brain and look at the new atlas of our brain regions that generate meaning from language and see how ketamine is about to revolutionise mental health treatment.

Select Issue #100

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