Our Business Model

Research Features follow a simple and modern route to publishing the research and development activities of scientists to readers globally.

We are not a technical, peer-reviewed publisher and we are not part of the Open Access Scholarly publishing movement. Instead we provide a free magazine and web articles filled with the latest scientific research from around the globe.

We position ourselves in a domain between a news article and a peer-reviewed journal. This gives us the ability to provide a greater depth of detail than could be achieved in an article on a news website while also removing the barrier of complexity that excludes a general audience’s access to a technical journal. We work closely with the researchers that we feature in order to preserve and highlight the very essence of their work at the same time as creating an article that will be understood by a lay audience. Furthermore, we do not publish anything without the final approval of the researchers that we work with.

Our business model is simple. We do not charge readers to access our publications, nor do they require a subscription to access our content. It’s free for everyone and anyone. We feel that this is the best way to maximise the reach and impact for the research we cover, which in turn is best for the researchers, scientists and institutions that we represent.

To further increase the impact of our articles, we employ several methods of digital distribution which are curated by our marketing specialists. This includes emails to our list of subscribers and dissemination via our social media platforms. Finally, very clear statistics and results are provided for every researcher or research team who takes part in a Research Features publication. Our goal is to build a global network of science enthusiasts, researchers, influencers, funding bodies and institutions to engage with, and make aware of the latest scientific research.

Each issue of Research Features has a theme dedicated to a field of research, whether it be health, engineering, etc. Our team proactively contacts researchers whom we feel would benefit from taking part in a specific up-and-coming edition, and whom we feel would make a good ‘fit’ editorially. This means we may send a polite, relevant email to a researcher whom we have not had contact with before. All of our emails contain an opt-out option – if you never wish to hear from us again, we will immediately update our records and ensure you are not contacted again. We also explain who we are, with clear links to our website and content. From here a researcher can decide whether they would like to find out more about our services.

We feel we have to be proactive – researchers are incredibly busy individuals. But more importantly, our approach to communicating research in a simplified and visually striking manner, is a dissemination method which 90% of researchers have never engaged with before. Because of this, we need to proactively explain the specifics and benefits of our service.

We do not fill our publications with commercial advertising – we just don’t enjoy reading magazines that contain more than a handful of advertisements, as we feel they detract from the content. We work with a small, select number of high-profile commercial partners throughout the year to provide our company with advertising revenue. This is our primary source of profit as a small publisher with substantial overheads. The vast majority of all other types of revenue is used to cover the costs in producing the publications, both digitally and as a hard-copy print edition, hosting and web-development, social media promotions and campaigns (which are now becoming very expensive) and staffing costs.

There are fees to pay. All of the researchers featured within Research Features are asked to contribute financially to the cost of development and distribution of their feature article. We explain all financial and time commitments in full before any researcher engages with our services. We keep our page charges as low as possible.

Each feature we develop is bespoke based on the communication goals of the researcher we are working with. Our fees range from £1960 GBP for a basic four page article, through to more detailed features which can include international translation services, onsite photography, illustration and researcher interviews. These additional options may increase the cost to around £2,700 GBP.

Research Publishing International are a small company based in Gloucestershire, UK. All of our staff possess a genuine passion for exploring the world of science. Collectively we have worked with over 7,000 researchers to date: this number is growing rapidly.

We are an approachable, open and transparent publishing agency who genuinely wish to offer a valuable addition to the world of scientific dissemination.

If you have any further questions about us, or our business model, please feel free to contact us anytime.


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