Research Features Magazine – 153

Our team at Research Features is passionate about making the latest research findings accessible to the public, generating interest in science and breaking down the barriers that impede a wide distribution of knowledge.

We were excited to attend Cheltenham Science Festival (CSF) again this year. As one of the world’s leading science festivals, it is known for its engaging programmes and diverse array of speakers, and it champions using the everyday to communicate even the most complex science. We sat down with Marieke Navin, Head of Programming at CSF, to discuss her journey, the impact of outreach, and the essence of this year’s Festival.

We also discover more about Organic Intelligence Core Technology (OICT), a new metric which eliminates uncertainty in data analysis. OICT analyses raw data without assumptions or approximations – offering better clarity by eliminating the need or inaccurate learning or ‘best guesses’, providing absolute certainty.

Many other topics are featured in this month’s issue: how media coverage impacts the Bitcoin market, how businesses can embrace sustainability, and how ‘model thinking’ can help us navigate everyday life and make smarter decisions. Delve right in and find out more!

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