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The Research Features website houses a vast catalogue of research content, written by us in direct collaboration with each researcher that is featured.


All of our content is created with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, meaning from the moment we publish a new article it will begin to rank for the keywords of the research we’re featuring, and the researchers involved.

Another key tool in our mission is the use of social media channels to further proliferate the distribution of the content we produce on behalf of the research teams we serve. Social media is the most effective way in which to reach millions of users on a regular basis.

Since our inception we’ve reached over 14 million people via social media with our articles, a number that is only going to grow.

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Facebook – Research Features currently has in excess of 80,000 followers; this number is growing rapidly each month.


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Our Twitter channel currently has in excess of 20,000 followers, again this number is growing rapidly each month.

For each article we post across Twitter we attain an average of 37,000 impressions for each article we release under a ‘global and untargeted promotional campaign’ across Twitter.


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We host a small YouTube channel featuring interviews with some of those we have featured within our publication. Each year we produce many more interviews, which are commissioned by research teams for use within their own channels and websites.


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Medium is a simplistic tool which allows us to further enhance our robust social strategy. Please do follow our content here.


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