We are an approachable, open and transparent publishing agency who genuinely wish to offer a valuable addition to the world of scientific dissemination.

We offer an end-to-end service that includes content creation, promotion and reporting. Everything we do is designed to help the scientific community by bringing the knowledge gap between science and society and because of this, we have tried to create services that will be suitable for every researcher, no matter their budget.

Research Features Publication

Research Features Publication - visual mockup

This is the most popular service we offer as it combines our fantastic editorial team, who develop each feature based on the communication goals of the researcher we are working with and our social media specialists who then promote these articles to an audience of thousands of people across the world.

These four-page feature articles are also included in our publication which is distributed in hard copy format to all the participating researchers and a digital publication which is hosted on our website and is shared with 160,000 people around the world.

Our articles are also transformed into a standalone webpage, by doing this we can use Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that the article will be found by internet users who are searching for the keywords within the research topics we cover. They also allow us to share each individual article we create via our social media channels.

Included within the publication package is a social media campaign. These can be used in two formats. Either to promote your article to a broad audience of science enthusiasts for which we can guarantee it will reach 25,000 people or via a focused campaign which will target specific users online with the content. We aren’t able to guarantee a reach for focused social media targeting.

At the end of the process, we produce an Outreach Report which details the metrics of the online promotion as well as the web statistics for the entire publication.

Digital Only Article

Research Features Articles presented on Laptop, Tablet and Mobile devices.

Digital articles are a fantastic way to provide a brief overview of a paper or study. Our editorial team will help to distil these materials down into a 1000-word article, complete with references, illustrations, DOI number and Search Engine Optimisation which will help guide internet users to it.

These articles are great to use on personal blogs, as communications documents, to introduce work to audiences who may not have the required skill set or time to read a peer-reviewed paper and as handouts at conferences.

Social media dissemination and reporting is not included but can be added on for an extra £380.

Researcher Blog

Our Researcher Blog is currently undergoing a refresh. We are not accepting submissions at this time.

We understand that not every researcher will have a budget for our services, but we are still dedicated to providing a platform for outreach and dissemination for the research community.

From our many discussions with academics we have realised that many of them don’t have the skillset, time or desire to run and maintain their blog, but equally need a platform they can use to discuss their work.

As a result, we have created the Researcher Blog – a place where researchers can upload their own articles to our website, these webpages can be distributed as they want and there is absolutely no charge involved.

We believe there should be no barriers to conducting effective science communication and by doing this we believe we have removed as many as possible.

For this content, we do ask that the article is written to be based on published materials which are referenced within the article.

Services comparison

  • Researcher Blog
  • Digital Only Article
  • Research Features Publication
  • All Inclusive
Our Services Include: Researcher BlogDigital Only ArticleResearch Features PublicationAll Inclusive
Our Services Include:
*VAT applies only for UK clients
Webpage article
DOI reference
Writing and Editing
Professional Design
PDF brochure of article
Search Engine Optimisation
Featured in our publication
Social media promotion
Final impact report
Video abstract
Enhanced social media campaignAdd Social media promotion for £380 – We promise your research will reach a minimum of 25,000 people.Enhance for £380 – We promise your research will reach a minimum of 60,000 people.
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Sample Impact Analysis

Download a Sample Impact Report - ISSUE 125 - Professor Jun Deng

How is your money spent on the article

Please note that the below breakdown is based on a standard offering and assumes the average size of publication, publishing 30 articles per month. It is possible that the exact breakdown may vary slightly from project to project and the below is intended as a guide only.

Research Features Publication
Digital Only Article