Break Time: Creating movement for a healthier lifestyle

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Sitting down at work all day, itching around in your seat just to try and get comfortable? Well it’s time to get rid of that numb bum and take a break.

Long bouts of physical inactivity are well known no-noes for health. Research has shown that sitting down for longer than six hours per day is not only bad for brain function and muscle depletion, but it can also have detrimental effects on the body’s ability to break down fats and pump blood efficiently. This can result in weight gain, a reduced life expectancy and an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In other words, your job is slowly killing you.

But no worries, you can always do exercise after work to make up for it, right? Well, research actually suggests that exercise does very little to combat the effects of sitting down for too long – in a similar way to the almost irreversible effect smoking has on the lungs.

In fact, the best solution to prolonged periods of physical inactivity comes via taking breaks on a consistent basis throughout the day, breaking up the length of time you are sitting down for – and this is where Break Time comes in.

breaktime-tableBreak Time is a free app designed to get you up and moving. Using a timespan of between 25 and 60 minutes that you can set yourself, Break Time will notify you to take a break and move around the office. This notification can be personalised and the activity you choose to do during your break is completely up to you: the app offers a choice between a simple buzz notification, a short workout, a quick dance to your own music, a set of yoga exercises or a mix of specific eye exercises. You can also set the app to open a website of your own choosing.

Taking only a five-minute break every hour is enough to combat the negative effects of physical inactivity. Break Time makes this process easier, by allowing you to personalise breaks to your schedule. And who knows, with the positive effect it can have on brain function, long, arduous days at work could soon be a thing of the past.

Azamat Salakhov the creator of Break Time
Azamat Salakhov the creator of Break Time

Azamat Salakhov, also known as Axo Sal, is the CEO of ZALAB – the software-developing company behind Break Time. His inspiration to create the app came about after reading scientific research widely publicising the negative effects of being physically inactive.

From this, he decided to create an app that enabled people to move around every so often and do some physical activity – something he says will go a long way to improving health in the long run.

He also believes there should be an emphasis on employers to highlight the effects of sitting down for too long each day.

He said: “Fatigued, unhealthy employees are not productive so I encourage employers to educate themselves and their employees about the dangers of long-term physical inactivity. Group breaks could be incorporated for employees to have fun and do some physical activity together – the regained energy will really benefit the business.”

Sal and his team at ZALAB have designed the app for everyone. Whether it be office workers, school children, those on a weight loss journey or blood clot sufferers, it has been designed to provide an alternative to having to buy a smartwatch for the same function.

Break Time provides another example of how technology is helping to shape healthcare and Sal believes people having the ability to gather data about their own health can only be a good thing. He said: “Technology allows individuals to gather personal health data and gives them actionable solutions on how to improve it. There are so many exciting ways technology is already helping the healthcare industry and this will continue to develop.”

Which activity will you choose?

  • Buzz – a simple buzz notification on your phone
  • Music – have a quick jig to your favourite songs
  • Workout – some short exercises to get your blood pumping
  • Eyes – simple exercises for effective eye relief
  • Yoga – some relaxing stretches to break up your day
  • Website – a website of your own choice

Break Time Breakdown

  • Absolutely free
  • Five-star user rating
  • Research-focused

Join the team behind the philosophy…

  • Get physical
  • Create movement
  • Improve your health

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