Research Features Magazine – 104

Curious, committed and conscientious. The researchers we spoke to this issue have diverse backgrounds but they are all joined by their commitment to improving the lives of others. Whether that is by developing new technologies, exploring the power of nutrition, or developing novel statistical methods, either at the bench or in the business sphere, these researchers are working hard to answer fundamental questions about our health.

Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID, made time in his busy schedule to discuss his career, outline the recent successes of the agency and look forward to the preparations being made for possible future epidemics.

We were delighted to hear from Dr Jo Inchley, Assistant Director of CAHRU, on the key areas in child and adolescent health. Professor Robert Winston also contributed his views on infant and maternal health as the leading fertility expert at Genesis Research Trust.

The Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine was created to help clinicians and scientists work together and share information. Professor Jim Hughes and Steve Taylor, senior researchers at the WIMM, spoke to us about life at the institute and their current project, CSynth.

From molecular biology to adolescent health, via the immune system and the inner ear – this issue has been a journey around the human body. Join our global readership to find out more about the exciting research happening in health science and the scientists behind the work.

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