Research Features Magazine – 106

Whether it’s investigating vital chemical processes, improving cardiology or shining a light on dentistry, ageing, cancer or autoimmune diseases, the work done by the researchers in this month’s issue is, by its nature, relevant to us all.

This issue, we also speak to some of health science’s leading figures. Dr Jack Lewin, recent President and CEO of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), looks back on his time at CRF, giving insight into their valuable work, and shares his plans for the future.

We discuss the importance of a cross-disciplinary approach to ageing research with James Appleby, Executive Director and CEO of The Gerontological Society of America. He explains the importance of looking at the issue from all angles as our global population continues to age.

Ageing is a considerable factor in the increasing number of Parkinson’s cases. With 25 years’ experience, Dr Arthur Roach, Director of Research and Development at Parkinson’s UK, is helming the charity’s efforts to develop effective treatments – he spoke to us about why he is confident this is within reach.

Equally positive, Dr Iain Foulkes of Cancer Research UK discusses the charity’s commitment to the fight against cancer and highlights the progress made so far.

With research budgets being tightened across much of the world, it is important to recognise that the work carried out every day by researchers globally is contributing to such promising progress across so many areas.

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