Research Features Magazine – 108

The impact of science is evident in our everyday lives. The technology we use, the clothes we wear, the way we communicate are all products of painstaking research. But its influence is even wider than this: by investigating the birth of our universe or the nanostructure of atoms, scientists continue to shed light on the undiscovered corners of our world.

The researchers in the issue are spread across the varied areas of maths, physics, chemistry, and materials. Whether it involves a new technique for harnessing solar power or the ability to watch molecular changes as they happen, their work highlights the importance of continued discovery.

This is also a key message from the Executive Director of the Materials Research Society, Dr Todd Osman. He speaks to us about the world-class research taking place within the sphere of materials science and how it promises to improve quality of life for people around the world.

This relevance of science to everyday life is something that fascinates Dr Donna Nelson from the American Chemical Society. Passionate about communicating science, Dr Nelson tells us how she collaborates with Hollywood to give a more accurate and high-profile depiction of science.

The European Materials Society also aims to raise the profile of materials science and Dr Luisa Torsi, the President, explains how the society acts as a focal point for this highly interdisciplinary area.

The researchers featured in this issue push at the boundaries of our understanding – read on to get to grips with their fascinating work.

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