Research Features Magazine – 109

France, Germany and Switzerland have long been powerhouses of European research. This issue it has been our pleasure to meet some of the scientists conducting cutting-edge research in these countries.

Whether they are working in the field of chemistry, computing or cardiovascular medicine, these researchers are dedicated to sharing the valuable work they have undertaken.

We also speak to some of those at the head of leading European organisations. Agnes Buzyn is chairwoman of the board for the French National Authority for Health. She discusses how her personal mission, to put patients at the centre of care, is integral to this role.

Dr Joann Halpern, Director of the German Center for Research and Innovation in New York, has been at its helm since its very beginning. We speak to her about the centre’s work fostering transatlantic collaboration and promoting German research excellence.

Dr Margret Wintermantel from DAAD describes the organisation’s commitment to support scientific exchange internationally and Dr Helmut Dosch, Chairman of the Board at DESY, explains just what happens at the world’s leading centre for X-ray experiments.

The fantastic work that these scientists undertake, the broad range of expertise that they represent and the wide-ranging implications of their work illustrate the diversity and vibrancy of research in France, Germany and Switzerland.

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