Research Features Magazine – 110

The wonderful complexity of the human body is reflected in the sheer breadth of Health Science research; and this variety is very much evident in this issue of Research Features magazine.

The scientists we feature in this issue are striving to increase our basic understanding of key functions, progress our awareness of how these can be disrupted, enhance our knowledge of the pathogens that can affect us, and develop treatments for when our health deteriorates.

We speak to Matthew Bailey, President of the Foundation for Biomedical Research, about the prominent role that animal testing plays in Health Science research and how the foundation aims to increase understanding of this.

Suzanne Jackson, Chair of the Canadian Public Health Association, also joins us to discuss the importance of policy in shaping public health and why this subject should be as important to all of us, as it is to her.

At UCL, Dr Barney Bryson and Professor Linda Greensmith conduct ground-breaking research into the use of optogenetics as a therapy for Motor Neurone Disease. They share their hopes for this new area of research with us.

Whether in the arena of Child Development, Microbiology, Mental Health or many others, the work of these researchers contributes to a greater scheme of knowledge that benefits us all. We are proud to be featuring their work and are excited to share it with you. Join our readership around the world and dive into the latest collection of fascinating articles.

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