Research Features Magazine – 111

No one who takes the time to look around can fail to be amazed by our planet. It supports a bewildering array of different life forms thriving in diverse habitats. And a closer look at any of the insects, plants, mammals or other inhabitants of Earth only magnifies the wonder.

Professor Melanie Welham, Chief Executive of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, tells us how, through innovation, translation and partnership, the BBSRC’s aim is to build the bio-economy for a more productive and prosperous UK. Dr Heather DeCaluwe is also no stranger to tackling challenges head on. The Society for Conservation Biology employs scientific research to understand and conserve the biodiversity on earth.

The Royal Society of Biology, headed up by Chief Executive Dr Mark Downs, is on hand to provide a unifying voice for biology. And we also learn how the Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (MCB) at the National Science Foundation is dedicated to supporting US research that explores this area at the molecular level.

There is much to see, and much more to be learnt, from Biological Sciences. The researchers we feature in this issue of Research Features magazine are well aware of how much is still to discover. There’s the potential of basic biological science to uncover a possible therapy for a hitherto untreatable disease, or the knowledge to help us combat climate change.

Some researchers’ work is helping to improve our health, others are focused on our food supply; but all of them are inspired by the world around us to protect our planet and improve the lives of its inhabitants.

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