Research Features Magazine – 113

It is easy to be fascinated by biology. So much of it is so visible in our everyday lives that it is, perhaps, the science that most people can relate to. It is certainly true that the scientists featured in this issue of Research Features magazine all show a phenomenal level of enthusiasm and dedication to their subject. And rightly so.

This commitment is echoed by some of the leading lights in this area of research. The Boaty McBoatface naming campaign captured the UK public’s attention. Professor Mike Meredith, science leader at the British Antarctic Survey, discusses his latest research venture – the DynOPO project – highlighting the impact Boaty McBoatface has had on improving public appreciation of polar research.

This engagement of the public is also important for The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) which advocates on behalf of biological sciences research. We speak to Dr Joseph Travis, the current President, about their mission to bridge the gaps between policy, research and community awareness.

Professor Laura Piddock, who leads the Antimicrobials Research Group (ARG) at the University of Birmingham, UK, explains why antimicrobial resistance concerns us all. And we also learn more about the NSF’s Division of Biological Infrastructure headed up by Dr Muriel Poston.

The researchers we feature in this issue span the whole gamut of biological sciences with their work relating to ecology, health, physics, agriculture, molecular biology… the list runs on. So read on to delve into the absorbing world of their work and discover its secrets for yourself.

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