Engaging with a broad range of research brings enormous benefits. In this issue, we feature researchers working across a variety of disciplines. They are, however, united by their passion for rigorous scientific research and their enthusiasm for their subject.

Dr Michael Ellis from the British Geological Survey is an example of this approach. In an interview with Research Features, he explains why it is important for Earth scientists to engage on a human scale. This could mean looking at processes on the human time scale or acknowledging the importance of emotions when it comes to policy development.

Increasing public awareness and investment is the focus of the National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research (NC-FAR) in the United States. NC-FAR President Andy LaVigne tells us more about the organisation that brings together the researchers and stakeholders who are developing solutions to the challenges our planet faces.

The Center for Open Science (COS) believes that some of these challenges could be solved if research was progressed more quickly and disseminated more widely. We learn the story behind COS’s core mission from co-founder Jeff Spies and discuss its current projects and what the future might look like if more of the community engaged with open science.

We’re excited to feature such diverse researchers and we’re sure that you’ll find their work interesting. Why not put that to the test yourself and read on?