Research Features Magazine – 126

Conducting research is valuable for developing and promoting the body of knowledge and information that drives innovation, and allows us to live healthier and longer lives. Our latest issue benefits from different perspectives, approaches and disciplines from a multitude of leading researchers. With topics ranging from neuroscience to social anthropology, to mechanobiology and orthopaedics, issue 126 provides a wide variety of exciting research areas for you to really sink your teeth in to.

Brian O’Connor, Chair of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), a not-for-profit organisation facilitating multi-stakeholder connections around the globe and driving sustainable change in health and social care, speaks about being a catalyst for change, actively working towards maintainable solutions and being an influencer in the health and social care sector, a field that has the potential to improve the everyday lives of real people, across the globe.

In an interview with James Mayers, Director of Natural Resources at IIED – a policy and action research organisation – James talks about how IIED successfully promote global sustainable development to improve livelihoods and protect the environments on which these livelihoods are built.

So why not sit back, relax and join our readers across the globe to discover the exciting research featured in this issue.

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