Research Features Magazine – 127

Research in health and medicine affects all of us. Whether researchers are working on a new vaccine, learning more about an enzyme in our bodies or developing new care protocols, the impact can be felt around the world.

In a similar way, the organisation 500 Women Scientists are also making waves globally. Dedicated to fighting inequality and creating an inclusive society, 500 Women Scientists is on its way to becoming a powerful organisation representing the voices of tens of thousands of women scientists all over the globe. Co-founders Kelly Ramirez and Jane Zelikova tell us more about the work of the group and its impact so far.

Tackling another global problem, obesity, the Global Nutrition and Health Alliance aims to provide clear healthy eating advice based on rigorous research and scientific evidence. We speak to dietitian, author and broadcaster Nigel Denby to learn how the organisation is making nutrition advice accessible and easy to understand for industry professionals and consumers alike.

Good health holds a value far beyond any currency and is something to which everyone, anywhere in the world, can relate. We hope that our audience around the world will enjoy learning more about the work of the researchers we feature in this issue of Research Features magazine.

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