Research Features Magazine – 129

Research speaks to our natural curiosity as human beings. The urge to find out more about the world around us appears from a very young age as we take in our surroundings.

Those wider surroundings are the focus of Earthwatch, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting awareness of a sustainable environment. We spoke to their CEO Scott Kania about the organisation’s mission to engage a global audience in field research and promote environmental awareness.

Engagement is also top of the agenda for Professor Danielle George, president of The Association for Science Education (ASE). ASE recognise the importance of science education, not just for the children taking part but for society as a whole. By supporting teachers with their professional development, they aim to inspire future generations of children to value science and research.

And what can you do to get involved yourself? Well, you can start by reading on. This issue features scientists from around the world conducting research in varied areas but with a particular emphasis on environment and health.

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