Research Features Magazine – 130

Science has always been defined by its disciplines – by its areas of focus, study, training, specialities, and subject matters. The importance and value of bringing together multiple disciplines, or of working at the intersections of disciplines, is that each brings to the table a unique and distinct set of tools and approaches. In this issue of Research Features, we provide you with a fusion of disciplines.

Celebrating saving the planet for almost half a century, we speak to Greenpeace UK’s CEO John Sauven. In this interview, John describes the birth of the organisation, the ‘David Attenborough effect’ and what strategies they employ to bring people together in direct action to save this fragile planet.

Open access vs. traditional publishing methods. It is a sore subject, rife with controversy and conflicting opinions, but is a debate that is necessary and needs to be had. Professor Jason Schmitt – a Communication & Media professor and filmmaker at Clarkson University – recognises this better than most. We spoke to him about his new film documentary – Paywall: The Business of Scholarship – which looks to engage the public and, fundamentally, points out that changes need to be made to move science forward.

Issue 130 provides you with a wealth of cutting-edge topics for you to delve into. We look forward to featuring many more challenging topics in the months ahead.

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