Research Features Magazine – 131

China is an increasingly prominent player in the global research arena. In this issue, we are pleased to include a section dedicated to Chinese researchers. Their work spans many fields and is as varied and interesting as you would expect.

To complement these articles, we have also included interviews from two leaders within Chinese research. Prof Zheng Chuguang is director of the China-US Clean Energy Research Center – Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (CERC-ACTC). He explains how collaboration between the two countries is helping to lower carbon emissions.

Hans Niemantsverdriet is Research Director at SynCat@Beijing, the Synfuels China Laboratory for Fundamental Research. Elaborating on the background and importance of the laboratory’s research, he also discusses the scientific community in China and why he thinks education and collaboration are key to successful and productive research.

In addition to the focus on research in China, this issue includes our usual diverse array of work from researchers around the world. National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) President David Crowther shares his passion for helping teachers and scientists in the US educate people of all ages in the sciences.

I am sure you will enjoy this issue of Research Features magazine. So dive on in and discover the fascinating work we have covered!

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