Research Features Magazine – 134

Research Features continues to showcase research from a broad range of institutions around the globe. In this issue, we are excited to celebrate some of the pioneers driving the latest discoveries and innovations in research.

We’re excited to present the work of Dr Joseph Ogutu (University of Hohenheim, Germany) and collaborators who are exploring the mass migration of animals in Kenya. Their important work mapping migration pathways highlights how fences contribute to declines in resident and migratory populations and that urgent efforts are needed to protect these migratory paths.

Future Earth is calling for cooperation to solve the climate crisis. Interim Executive Director Josh Tewksbury tells us more about how Future Earth facilitates research, networking, innovation and knowledge transfer between scientific and non-scientific bodies, to help tackle our planet’s most pressing issues.

We speak to Brian Berman and Susan Hartnoll Berman, founders of The Institute for Integrative Health (TIIH), a non-profit charitable organisation aiming to create a wellness model that shifts the focus of healthcare from managing disease to a more holistic approach of lifelong health.

Join our readers across the globe to discover the exciting research featured in this issue.

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