Research Features Magazine – 136

Welcome to Research Features! In this issue, we showcase research from a broad range of institutions across the globe.

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, or SETAC, is a global not-for-profit organisation which focuses on a multitude of environmental challenges. We caught up with Bart Bosveld, SETAC Global Executive Director and SETAC Europe Executive Director, to discuss the society’s history, its current collaborations, and the future of the organisation.

Research Features also talks to Professor Heinz Haenel of Sanofi. His work has been instrumental in the development of fexinidazole – a drug that has the potential to eradicate sleeping sickness, a life-threatening tropical disease, within a decade. He tells us more about the development of this drug and why it may even serve as a role model for other neglected diseases.

We hope you will enjoy this issue of Research Features magazine. Sit back, relax and join our readers across the globe to discover the exciting research featured in this issue.

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