Research Features Magazine – 138

Welcome to Research Features! In this issue, we are pleased to include a section dedicated to projects funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). As Germany’s central research funding organisation, DFG provides financial support to researchers affiliated with a German research institution. In 2020, more than 31,150 projects received more than €3.3 billion in funding. The foundation encourages international collaboration between academics in Germany and their colleagues abroad, placing special emphasis on the European Research Area.

Dr Ulrich Betz is Vice President of Innovation at Merck. The company has a long and prestigious history of facilitating collaborations across the sciences and industry. True to its motto ‘Science for a Better Tomorrow’, The Curious Future Insight™ Conference 2022 rewards researchers who are committed to realising the scientific dreams of tomorrow.

Students from low socio-economic backgrounds face many hurdles when it comes to pursuing careers in the STEM sector. This is due in large part to entrenched systemic inequalities. This issue includes an interview with Dr Rebecca McKelvey, founder of In2scienceUK, who aims to address these inequalities. We spoke to her about the broader importance of ensuring fair and equal opportunities needed to nurture a strong and diverse STEM workforce.

We hope you will enjoy this issue of Research Features magazine. Dive on in and discover the fascinating work we have covered!

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