Research Features Magazine – 139

At Research Features we strive to showcase leading research from around the globe and make it accessible to all. This issue, our first for 2022, does just that. We feature some of the latest research discoveries spanning a wide range of topics.

The Academy of Medical Sciences is the UK’s independent body representing the diversity of medical science. Executive Director Simon Denegri OBE spoke to us about the Academy’s mission to advance biomedical and health research, its translation into benefits for society, and about how healthcare might benefit from a closer relationship with the arts.

A new respiratory training device, Airofit measures lung capacity while strengthening the muscles we use to breathe. Originally developed as a medical tool to help strengthen the breathing of asthma and COPD patients, Airofit has since proven effective in a multitude of fields, from athletics to opera singing. Research Features found out more about the device from Sean Coakley, Airofit’s Master Instructor and Performance Breath Coach.

Sit back and take a look inside. We hope you enjoy learning about the latest research in this issue as much as we did!

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