Research Features Magazine – 140

Research Features continues to highlight a wonderfully diverse cross-section of the research landscape. In our latest issue, we feature everything from the purification of synthetic DNA sequences to the intersections between art and science in 19th century landscape painting.

Dr Renuka Kadali is an internal medicine physician and an assistant professor at Campbell University in North Carolina, US. His recent research has studied the self-reported side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. This vital work hopes to combat vaccine hesitancy to ensure that every demographic is protected from the virus. We spoke to him about his findings.

We also spoke to Cynthia Chapple, founder of the organisation Black Girls Do STEM. Cynthia recognised the crippling lack of diversity within the STEM industry, having experienced first-hand how exclusionary science research spaces can be. She founded the organisation to ensure young Black girls feel informed, inspired, and supported as they begin their scientific journeys. We learnt about the work of the organisation, and about Cynthia’s hopes for a truly equitable and intersectional future in STEM.

We hope you enjoy our latest foray through the world of contemporary research!

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