Research Features Magazine – 141

Research Features showcases research from institutions around the globe. In this issue, we are excited to celebrate some of the latest discoveries and innovations, many of which are from researchers based in Japan.

The global economic downturn that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how interconnected our economies are. We spoke to Dr Henry Huiyao Wang at the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) about the importance of international cooperation, and how the think tank might function as a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

Oxford Instruments are a manufacturer of scientific equipment. Recently, they have partaken in a new STEM outreach project, developed to give students hands-on experience of STEM research. Christian Lang and Dr Louise Huges tell us how they hope to inspire the next generation of researchers and ensure diverse representation within STEM industries.

Across the US, the rate of gun violence continues to rise. Professor Stephen Hargarten looks beyond the biomedical dimension of gun violence. By framing gun violence as a complex interaction of biomedical, behavioural, health, and social issues, he aims to contribute to better care for those injured by a bullet, and perhaps even inform primary prevention.

We hope you enjoy our latest foray through the world of contemporary research!

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