Research Features Magazine – 145

Welcome to issue RF145! Increasing the accessibility of cutting-edge research is important to us at Research Features. In this issue, the first of 2023, we continue to celebrate research spanning a broad range of disciplines. It’s a real pleasure to share these exciting topics with you and learn more about how the researchers featured are working to make a difference to our world.

We were privileged to speak to Brigid Bowen, founder, organiser, and curator of Compassionate Mental Health, an organisation that is reimagining mental health services and treatment. Providing training and networking opportunities around the UK for professionals and people with lived experience, Compassionate Mental Health offers a beacon for those going through tough times.

Brigid tells us more about the movement’s aim to transform our understanding of mental illness, discusses stigma, treatment, and the future of mental health.

So, a warm welcome to this issue of Research Features. We’re sure you will enjoy learning more about the work of the researchers we feature in this issue. Delve right in and discover the fascinating research inside!

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