Research Features Magazine – 147

At Research Features we strive to showcase leading research from around the globe and make it accessible to all. In this issue, we’re excited to celebrate some of the pioneers driving the latest discoveries and innovations in research.

Launched in 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has already sent home breathtaking images that have inspired the public and intrigued astronomers. Research Features had the privilege to speak with Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist John C Mather about these captures, the future of space travel, and what it might be like to live on Mars.

We learn more about Facts4Life, an organisation addressing health inequality head-on through an innovative approach to health education for children. Improving health literacy is vital for successful long-term public health strategies, so co-directors Dr Hugh van’t Hoff and John Davis discuss how we can put this into practice.

It’s a real pleasure to share the exciting research in this issue. We hope you enjoy learning about the latest research in this issue as much as we did.

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