Research Features Magazine – 149

In an age defined by technological advancement and information overload, the need for effective science communication is more important than ever. At Research Features, we aim to connect science with society, ensuring that the wonders of scientific discovery are accessible to everyone. This issue, you’ll find a diverse array of articles and interviews that will spark your curiosity and provoke discussion.

We’re excited to feature the research of Hans J Haubold, professor of theoretical astrophysics at the Office for Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations. We learn more about the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI), a remarkable international cooperation in instrument operation, data collection and analysis, and the publication of scientific findings. As a result, the Earth is now better prepared for whatever the Sun throws at us.

We spoke to Dr Johnny Drain, scientist turned chef and co-founder of WNWN Food Labs. Johnny tells us about his mission to encourage innovative and sustainable food practices, without compromising on flavour. We also learn more about the world’s first cocoa-free chocolate and how, through innovation and experimentation, we can reduce waste, increase sustainability, and eat stunning food!

Research Features were also privileged to talk to Dr Silke Ackermann, Director of the History of Science Museum at the University of Oxford. In an enlightening interview, Ackermann tells us about the Vision 24 project, keeping museums relevant in a modern world, and invites us to question the world around us and to discover what objects of the past can tell us about humanity today.

We welcome you on this journey of discovery that brings the latest captivating science to life – one article at a time!

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