Research Features Magazine – 150

Research is critical to our modern society, and its impact is felt in every aspect of our lives, from the medicine we take to the devices we use every day. Here at Research Features we believe that everyone should have access to that research, and in this month’s issue we do just that!

We were privileged to interview Nobel laureate Sir Paul Nurse, who has deepened our comprehension of essential biological processes. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine in 2001 with his colleagues for their contributions to the understanding of cell cycle regulation. Nurse has also played a key role in advancing the scientific community’s endeavours to address diseases, especially cancer. He was instrumental in setting up the Francis Crick Institute, London – one of the most advanced research facilities in Europe dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology of human health and disease. Research Features spoke to Nurse about the institute’s creative ‘bottom-up’ approach to research, his presidency of the Royal Society, science communication, and how he stays grounded despite his successful career.

Research Features also spoke with Vivek Kumar at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA, who works at the interface of biomolecular engineering, materials science, and synthetic peptide chemistry. Kumar’s strong belief of taking a big-picture view of research is encouraged in his lab, where he cultivates interrogative thinkers and budding entrepreneurs. We find out how he trains his researchers not just to do science but to translate big ideas into real-life solutions.

Research Features aims to not only inform but to inspire, as we share the stories of those who are at the forefront of scientific inquiry. Enjoy!

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