Research Features Magazine – 151

Academic research is the foundation for much of our knowledge, and researchers carry significant responsibility in shaping how we make sense of the world around us. In this issue of Research Features, the first of 2024, we explore how research can successfully transcend disciplines to solve complex societal, environmental, and public health challenges, and how we as individuals can best deal with uncertainty.

We were excited to interview Roger Dannenberg, co-founder of audio editing software Audacity, and Jorge Sastre, director of the collaborative Soundcool project. Dannenberg and Sastre discuss the educational impact of Soundcool, highlighting its ability to foster creativity and collaboration among students, and explore the potential of technology in reshaping music education. What’s more, the pair is also testing Soundcool for neurodegenerative disease therapy, connecting neurologists and therapists by just downloading the app.

Digital tools are also helping us detect autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Naga Simhadri Apparao Polireddi at IKON Tech Services LLC and his collaborators propose a chatbot based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to bridge the gap between patients, their parents, and physicians, enabling interactions between an ASD patient and their doctor.

We hope you will enjoy this issue of Research Features. Dive into the latest collection of fascinating articles and get to know the scientists behind the work.

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