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The team behind Research Features have one simple goal – to make complex, basic and applied research beautifully accessible to huge global audiences. Our mission is to break down the barriers between complex scientific text and literature, and those non-specialists who wish to find out more.

Our content is barrier-free. We do not ask our readers to provide personal details or to make a payment towards our publication. Our model is simple – our content is distributed freely, under the Creative Commons license terms and produced in collaboration with those who have a desire to talk more about their work.

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Research has never been so accessible.

Our team of highly experienced Scientific Journalists, Media Gurus' and Social Media Wizards strive to achieve greater delivery of research information.

Working in close collaboration with Project Investigators based in some of the world's most forward thinking lab's, Research Features bring to you a wonderful collective of feature articles which display research in a new light. Taking an often complex base of background content - we carve out the essence of a researcher's body of work and deliver this to over 110,000 readers worldwide.

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